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“Show-me”: Real-time water consumption in the shower

   In the 2009 paper ““Show-me”: Water consumption at a glance to promote water conservation in the shower” researchers Karin Kappel and Thomas Grechenig, both of the University of Vienna’s research group for Industrial Software (INSO), present an elegant solution to problem that most people haven’t the faintest idea about how much water they use while in

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Wn Wn: an eco-feedback tool for the office

This is a project that I completed as part of Concordia University’s year-end design exhibition, called “Formation,” which ran from April 19th – 22nd, 2012. Wn-Wn (from the expression “waste not, want not”) is a workplace eco-visualization tool meant to draw attention to organizational energy waste. The aim is to use real-time feedback to empower individuals

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