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Design experiments for the unconscious.

Sometimes its fun to take a look at conceptual papers, which have prototypes that haven’t yet been made or put into the world for testing. They are often short “thought exercises” in design, where researchers and practitioners play aloud with the relationship between a theoretical concept and actual objects. The short paper “Designing with unconscious

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PEACOX: Helping you walk (or bike or drive) the sustainble walk.

Peacox is a mobile application that looks to “motivate users to use more environmentally-friendly modes of transport and thus reduce their CO2 emissions.” (source) In order to do this, the design of the user interface makes use of numerous persuasive strategies, including “tunneling” and “suggestion” (i.e. guiding the user towards the greenest choice via the

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The new normal: Shaping norms with real-time data.

I was really happy to discover the city of Montreal had installed an eco-counter for one of it’s bike lanes in the Plateau-Mont Royal borough earlier this year. It’s located right outside of the Laurier street exit of the Laurier metro station, which is in a residential area north of the city’s downtown. The space

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