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Poo Wifi (yes, Poo and Wifi, together at last).

As a responsible “owner” of a two dogs, I never leave dog poop anywhere other than the garbage can. As an environmentalist, I also do what I can to minimise the impact of of my dogs waste – using my partner’s patented multiple-poop in one biodegradable bag method. However, the problem persists that some people are not as

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A sign of the times: The Pollution e-sign

In the paper “The Pollution e-Sign” Ben Hooker, William W Gaver, Anthony Steed, and John Bowers, present something of a manifested thought exercise. What if in the future, with an increasing array of types of environmental sensors, information was broadcast in a way that allowed those with mobile devises to sample the environmental readings that surrounded them. It’s

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Gauging energy use: the Ford SmartGauge

Hybrid cars have been a source for some innovation related to the visualization of energy use in cars. Ford’s 2010 Fusion and Mercury Milan hybrids are no exception, as they come equipped with “Ford’s SmartGauge with EcoGuide,” the result of a collaboration between Ford and world renowned design and innovation firm, IDEO. The analog speedometer is bookended by

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