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eMeter: Mobile metering of household appliances

In the paper “Evaluating mobile phones as energy consumption feedback devices,” authors Markus Weiss, Claire-Michelle Loock, Thorsten Staake, Friedemann Mattern, and Elgar Fleisch, of ETH Zurich’s Institute for Pervasive Computing and Information Management departments consider the potential for a meaningful relationship between increasingly pervasive smart metering systems and and smart phones as a means to deliver quick, timely information to the user. Recognizing that

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Bits to Energy Lab

In my continuing quest to find excellent research on the topic of conservation oriented design, I recently stumbled across the website of the Bits to Energy Lab, a joint initiative of the University of St. Gallen and ETH Zurich. The lab’s research mission is to investigate “consumption feedback, customer engagement, and data analytics with an emphasis on economically attractive

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On the EcoPath to sustainable actions.

In the technical report “EcoPath: Adding Spatial, Social, and Gaming Contexts to Personal Tracking Systems” by Joel Ross, Nadine Amsel, Robert Beckman, Bill Tomlinson, we are introduced to “EcoPath,” a mobile game developed to help people track the location of  activities which can be thought of as sustainable, such as biking and recycling. In some ways

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