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The invisible hand of ambient eco-feedback.

In the paper, “Can Ambient Persuasive Technology Persuade Unconsciously? Using Subliminal Feedback to Influence Energy Consumption Ratings of Household Appliances” by Jaap Ham, Cees Midden, and Femke Beute we are presented with the possibility that ecofeedback tools might not only willingly guide you towards better environmental stewardship, but that they may be able to reach

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SINAIS from Fanal: For a more artistic approach to ecofeedback

In the paper “SINAIS from Fanal: design and evaluation of an art-inspired eco-feedback system,” authors Valentina Nisi, Nuno Jardim Nunes, Filipe Quintal, and Mary Barreto present SINAIS from Fanal, an ecofeedback tool guided by artistic sensibilities. The main project was build around SINAIS sensor system, a low-cost netbook that performs all the tasks associated with

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Shower calendar: A thousand points of comparative water consumption.

In the article ” With a Little Help from a Friend: A Shower Calendar to Save Water,” by Matthias Laschke, Marc Hassenzahl, Sarah Diefenbach, and Marius Tippkämperwe, we are introduced to an ambient visualization tool which allows users of a shower to compare relative water savings within a household. The authors suggest that ambient feedback is “non judgmental” in that it does

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