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The new EnergyWiz kid on the block.

In the paper “Engaging energy saving through motivation ­specific social comparison,” the authors Petromil Petkov, Felix Köbler, Marcus Foth, Richard C. Medland, and Helmut Krcmar explore the effectiveness of three forms of comparison on rates of energy consumption. In order to test theory, they develop the mobile application “EnergyWiz,” which provides users with normative, and one-on-one comparisons, as well as ranking in relation to other users. The application is a

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Upstream: People don’t know what will motivate them, until it does.

The article “UpStream: Motivating Water Conservation with Low-Cost Water Flow Sensing and Persuasive Displays” by Stacey Kuznetsov and Eric Paulos presents the results of research in a number of approaches to water conservation encouragement in both public and private environments. The goal of the project was not only to decrease water consumption at the point of

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I see ghost loads: Ghost Hunter – playing as learning.

In the paper “Ghost hunter: parents and children playing together to learn about energy consumption,” authors Amartya Banerjee and Michael S. Horn present an interactive “hide-and-seek” style game called “Ghost Hunter,” which is targeted to parents and children as a tool to seek out hidden sources of energy consumption in their homes (i.e. ghost/phantom/vampire loads). While this isn’t the

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