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Wn Wn: an eco-feedback tool for the office


This is a project that I completed as part of Concordia University’s year-end design exhibition, called “Formation,” which ran from April 19th – 22nd, 2012.

Wn-Wn (from the expression “waste not, want not”) is a workplace eco-visualization tool meant to draw attention to organizational energy waste. The aim is to use real-time feedback to empower individuals to learn about and limit waste due to idle appliances. Further, Wn-Wn is able to make an explicit connection between regular human behavior and the natural environment. As you may well know from experience (I certainly do!) a lot of people are not near a window where they work, and thus lack a connection to the outside word, which isn’t particularly healthy in a lot of ways. Wn-Wn started with the idea of giving inmates people in cubicles a virtual window, which streams live footage from a place of their choosing. A virtual window alone might only serve as a band-aid to the wound that is poor office design. However, when tied to energy or resource metering, it becomes a tool of engagement in addition to a connection to the outside world.

(Warning: I am not a video artist or even a proficient video editor of any sort)

original video of trees from http://eirikso.com/
music from http://www.freesound.org/people/daveincamas/sounds/44074/

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