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Design based on a theory of fun: The Bottle Bank Arcade

As if you needed another reason to love the Swedish, below is one of a series of viral videos put out a few years ago by The Fun Theory, in it you can watch an example of a recycling bin design that aims to make recycling glass bottles more fun. The game works such that lights flash above six openings in the bin, and the participant collects points for quickly putting a bottle in the correct hole. Presumably, one might try to collect more points with each visit to the box. The video claims that in one night this special arcade design had as many as fifty times the number of visitors as a regular green bin.

However, there isn’t much more information available other than the video itself, making it hard to know to what extent this isn’t simply an advertisement for VW. That being said, it’s still a fun concept and worth documenting here. I have yet to see designers really pushing the fun aspect of feedback to the extent that is seen through the “Fun Theory” videos.

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