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Wattson: displays real-time energy use – while being “gorgeous”.

The Wattson Energy Monitor is a commercially available energy monitor, which displays energy use using both ambient and precise feedback (watts consumed and annual cost) consumed. The piece glows according the the level of energy being consumed: blue for low energy use, purple for average energy use, and red for high energy use.

The system is made up of three components: the mini coffee-table shaped display,  a sensor clip, and a battery powered transmitter. The two latter pieces are installed near the electricity meter in the home and communicate wirelessly to the display, which should be placed in a highly visible location. In tandem with the software Holmes (get it? Holmes and Wattson… you with me?), daily consumption can be stored and compared over time, allowing users the ability to look for patterns of consumption and track changes. There is an on-line community of Wattson users, whos members appear to share information which is aggregated on the site.

DYI Kyoto, the developers of Wattson, have a number of models available – including  one for the work place, and a model that can display energy produced in the home, for those with energy generation capabilities.  The piece runs on 4 watts itself, which about the same wattage as a typical phone charger.

Wattson and Homes don’t appear to be available in  the Americas right now (power source of Canada is 110v, the power source in the UK is 220v, so ). Bummer, I know.


Wattson's Energy meter display

Cute, no?


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