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A Wee Water Saver: the Waterpebble



The story goes that Paul Priestman, a director of design at Priestmangoode, conceived of this idea after reading a simple sign in a hotel bathroom. The sign asked to “Please Use Water Sparingly.” In one article I read he suggested the sign was stupid… but look what it lead to… not long after reading it, the waterpebble was born.

The small round device uses sensors to detect the flow of water while sitting on the floor of your shower. After using it for the first time, the device recalls the amount of time that your shower lasted, and is thus able to gradually encourage you to spend less time in the shower.

Once you start the shower the pebble glows green. Once you are approximately half way done, the pebble glows yellow. Finally, just as you should be wrapping up, it glows red. Every shower, you are encouraged to use just a little less. Pretty straight forward. The waterpebble is a guide, not a dictator.

Besides being very easy to understand and resettable, the waterpebble has a few other things going for it. It’s very affordable – at only about $10, this is one of the more affordable ecofeedback tools I’ve yet to come across. It’s also apparently “fully recyclable” – so if you decide you don’t need it any more (?), you can recycle it, or send it back to the distributor so that they can deal with it.

I’m personally always a bit nervous about putting a small hard object in a wet and slippery environment, but am looking forward to seeing if they test this thing to see how much water can be saved with its use.

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