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Eco Showerdrop: water savings by the drop

Eco Showerdrop

track your water consumption with one big drop

Much like the Show-Me, the commercially available Eco Showerdrop is a tool to help you better understand how much water you are consuming in the shower.  This product compares your consumption to the “recommended amount”  which is 35 liters, according to the information on the company’s website.  The digital display includes a duration of shower, volume in liters and an outline of a human figure that gets progressively darker as you get closer to the recommended maximum level of water use.  There is also a small alert once you hit that amount, presumably to help you in the event that you have some shampoo in your eyes and are not fixing all your attention to the small drop-shaped object.

I hear you asking “but how does it know how much water my shower head uses?” That’s a very good question, because I know a lot of you have probably already taken the time to upgrade your shower head to something quite efficient, seeing as how that is a easy first step in water conservation. Well, the clever folks who developed the Eco Showerdrop provide you with a container to help calibrate to the tool, so that you can program it to know how long it takes for your shower to expel a liter of water.

The only thing you have to do after that is remember to turn the thing on once you step into and start the shower. Which, for some people might actually be a problem.  It is probably safe to assume that someone who purchases such a tool is probably quite motivated to use it in the first place, however, the trade off for the simplicity and affordability of the tool precludes the use of a water meter, which would automatically start with the use of water.

Eco Kettle

Boils only the amount of water you need.

Bit of a side note for the teetotalers out there, the company that makes the EcoShowerdrop also makes another neat energy saving product, which they call the (surprise, surprise!) the Ecokettle, an electric kettle that you can fill to its maximum capacity, but which allows you to boil one to eight cups according to your immediate needs. Yes, this is a British company.

A lot of people overfill their kettles, you see, so every time they need one or two cups of water, they use enough energy to boil many more cups than they actually need. From their website: “If everyone boiled only the water they needed to make a cup of tea instead of ‘filling’ the kettle every time, we could save enough electricity to run practically all the street lighting in the U.K.” (quote from The Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).


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