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PowerViz: The balance of power tips to the ambient and artistic.

The paper “Design of an Appliance Level Eco-Feedback Display for Domestic Electricity Consumption” presents us with “the design, implementation, and field study of PowerViz, an always-on eco-feedback display,intended to increase consumers’ awareness about electricity usage at an appliance level consumption.” PowerViz attempts to balance the pragmatic depiction of energy information with a more artistic intervention, in order to garner

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I see ghost loads: Ghost Hunter – playing as learning.

In the paper “Ghost hunter: parents and children playing together to learn about energy consumption,” authors Amartya Banerjee and Michael S. Horn present an interactive “hide-and-seek” style game called “Ghost Hunter,” which is targeted to parents and children as a tool to seek out hidden sources of energy consumption in their homes (i.e. ghost/phantom/vampire loads). While this isn’t the

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“Save energy or the bear gets it”

Anyone who has spent anytime considering environmental messaging will have noticed that the polar bear frequently being used as a symbol of the impact of global warming on the animal kingdom. Perhaps it’s no surprise then that eco-feedback designers might be interested in leveraging the concern that many people seem to have for the iconic giant white bear

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