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EcoIsland: The global warming game!

In “EcoIsland: A system for persuading users to reduce C02 Emissions,” Chihiro Takayama at Master’s student at  Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan and Vili Lehdonvirta a PhD student at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, Finland present a persuasive computer-based system aimed at helping families to shift their habits towards sustainability, with the aim of decreasing CO2 emissions.  The EcoIsland project

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Wattson: displays real-time energy use – while being “gorgeous”.

The Wattson Energy Monitor is a commercially available energy monitor, which displays energy use using both ambient and precise feedback (watts consumed and annual cost) consumed. The piece glows according the the level of energy being consumed: blue for low energy use, purple for average energy use, and red for high energy use. The system is made

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“Show-me”: Real-time water consumption in the shower

   In the 2009 paper ““Show-me”: Water consumption at a glance to promote water conservation in the shower” researchers Karin Kappel and Thomas Grechenig, both of the University of Vienna’s research group for Industrial Software (INSO), present an elegant solution to problem that most people haven’t the faintest idea about how much water they use while in

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