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Power Ballad: Public shaming FTW.

Ever a sucker for projects with clever names, I couldn’t help looking into the short paper  “Power ballads: deploying aversive energy feedback in social media,” which, incidentally, was a follow up to the paper “There’s a monster in my kitchen: using aversive feedback to motivate behaviour change.” Despite the fact that I have my suspicions

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The new EnergyWiz kid on the block.

In the paper “Engaging energy saving through motivation ­specific social comparison,” the authors Petromil Petkov, Felix Köbler, Marcus Foth, Richard C. Medland, and Helmut Krcmar explore the effectiveness of three forms of comparison on rates of energy consumption. In order to test theory, they develop the mobile application “EnergyWiz,” which provides users with normative, and one-on-one comparisons, as well as ranking in relation to other users. The application is a

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