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Real-time archaeology: Visualizing urban waste.

In the paper “Jetsam: Exposing our Everyday Discarded Objects,” authors Eric Paulos and Tom Jenkins propose an “urban probe” as a tool to solicit thought, wonderment, and contemplation. The project aims to solicit a conversation around the use of technology in urban environments and how this might influence our behaviour in cities. The project include an “augmented trashcan”

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O rly? A smiley face makes an impact with OPower.

“If something is inconvenient, even if we believe in it, moral suasion, financial incentives, don’t do much to move us — but social pressure, that’s powerful stuff.” – Alex Laskey For years Robert Cialdini, author of the must-read social psychology book Influence, has been studying the impact of social norms on behavior change and pro-environmental

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GreenSweeper: Old game, new trait.

In the paper “GreenSweeper: A Persuasive Mobile Game for Environmental Awareness” authors Hui-chun Lin, Kah Liu, and Nithya Sambasivan present “a collaborative, mixed-reality, photo-based mobile game aimed at promoting environmental awareness” called Greensweeper. The aim of this particular game is to tie reflection to awareness raising, using play. Just as the name suggests, it has been modelled after the easily

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